After having yet another comment deleted by whatever passes for Quora moderation, I gave up. I am tired of having inocuous posts deleted because a select handful of people have chosen to game the inneffective moderation system by banning content that disagrees with them or they simply don’t like.

This time, it was a disagreement over morals and ethics in a highway traffic incident. The person who I must assume requested the deletiion started out by tyelling my I was talking nonsense, going to the extent of calling me out by name. I responded by asking him for the specifics of his disagreement, and receiving nothing but a repeated bald assertion, I did not adjust my post or my position, He then presumably complained to quora moderation and to my surprise, I had a comment deleted. Now that is not really the worst of it.

They send a snippet to you that has the first sentence of the deleted content. They do not say which poilicy you violated. It was impossible to tell what was in violation from the snippet sent. I could not even remember the details of what I said further on, which I obviously felt was inoccuous at the time.

I appealed - and also made it clear that they have made effective appeal impossible by denying me both the evidence of the post they had deleted, and the reason for the deletion. They upheld the deletion. Again without reason or discussion. So I quit. It is their platform, they can do as they see fit. I get to not waste an idle 30 minutes or so advising strangers or stating my opinion. They get to lose my free input and many thousands of views, follows and interactions.

I suspect that there are more “sore leavers” than people who have genuinely been pushed out by these sticky wicket games, so my voice would be drowned out by malcontents, racists and cheaters. Too bad.