Often on a weekend we take a drive to Welland (home of the ship canal) for a spot of shopping - typically feed for horses or poultry, and any other farm stuff we have forgotten (because TSC opens on Sunday unlike all the good christian folk nearer to home).

Across the road from TSC is a Value Village, where my wife loves to while away an hour or two spending \$30-80 on assorted kids clothes and nick-nacks. I get to park the car at the convenient charging station, and walk to the opposite end of the mall to join Steph in the store. Hopefully by that time she is more nearly done. I get 10 minutes or so to browse the electronics and books. This time I noticed a little keyboard - a logitach k-380. It seemed OK, but it didn’t have batteries so I couldn’t really test it. At \$5.99 I took the chance and we bought it. At home I put in a couple of AAA batteries, and paired it with my phone, and subsequently my Samsung Chromebook Plus. It works just fine. The best part is that my Chromebook Plus has been actting up in the keyboard department, having very stiff keys to the left end of the keyboard, and some keys would repeat constantly.

Using the bluetooth keyboard works around the issues completely and I can now type fluently once again. (I am typing this blog post using the new (used) keyboard.

I had in mind initially to use this keyboard for Raspberry Pi control - and I will still use it for that, but I foresee that I will use it the most for the Chromebook.