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Other than spell progression, I wanted to address the clerics "turn undead" class feature, which I consider broken in the standard game. I have designed a variant rule, which addresses the problems, and makes turn undead a more viable, smoothly scaling power.

In addition to modifying the cleric's spell progression, I have broken the class down into two main options: the player may choose either the turn undead class feature, and suffer scaled back combat abilities, or lose the turn undead class feature, and keep the base attack bonus. In my view this leaves the Paladin as a more viable, distinct option for the player who wants a good melee combatant with undead turning.

New Turn/Rebuke Undead Rules

Three basic variants

"Standard" cleric

Uses new rules for turning undead, weaker base attack progression: advance as Sorcerer (+1 every two levels).

Turning Undead (variant rule)

"Martial" cleric

No Turn Undead ability, otherwise standard cleric from PB.

"Cloistered" cleric

As Unearthed Arcana variant.

All cleric's spell progression