Hit Points and Death

Hit points

PCs start with maximum hit points at first level, plus any bonuses. At each level thereafter, they receive the median HP, round to odd at odd levels, even at even levels. Eg: a rogue receives 4 HP at level 2, 3 HP at level 3 before bonuses.

As campaign specific option we will use the Reserve points option from Unearthed Arcana. This option is designed to improve survivability in campaigns where there is reduced magical healing available.

Raise dead

If a character should be so fortunate as to be raised from death, the usual rules and costs apply. The character will, however be at the mid-point of the level below their level at time of death. This is to give some incentive to raising the character over that of creating a new character. Also note that XP earned in the dying encounter still accrue to the character on being raised.

If your character dies without the means to restore him to life, you may start a new character. (see Starting level in existing campaign above).

Other notes on death/resurrection

In order not for resurrection to remain purely a wealth issue here are some further ideas:

I like the idea of bargaining with the deity (perhaps requiring travel or other communication to the appropriate plane to bargain in person). There could be a simple table of modifiers to the debate, which would end as something like a diplomacy check. The deity's negotiator would have a scroll of the deceased's deeds, and the party member/caster would have to justify why it would best serve that deity's interest to restore the soul to life. Of course many factors would be highly subjective, but I could see bribes (we will build a church/mission), quests, past behaviour (exemplary servant of the church), future need (the leader of a fragile resistance movement the deity supports) all being major factors. Even the track record of the caster: have their past resurrectees lived (pun intended) up to expectations (look, of the last 3 of your resurrections, the first failed to protect my temple, the second is here in front of me again, and the third spends more time in the bar than the temple).

A thing to bear in mind is that the deity has the soul at this time. Restoring it will not guarantee that the soul will come back to this deity later. (bird in the hand).

This will also have the side effect of making players more concerned about their PC's religious choices, and how they serve their god(s). This may or may not be a good thing depending on you and your players.

What happens to my stuff if I die?

It is assumed your heirs or relatives expect to receive notice of your demise, and any of your personal effects, as well as any wealth you may have accumulated as your share of adventuring.

Using the deceased's magic sword while on the way, directly, to deliver said item to the family is ok. Party members may not designate one another as heirs without express prior DM permission.