Magic Items

How can we fight monster 'X' without magic?

You will not be without magic. Magic will simply not be superabundant. You will have access to powerful spells from the casters in your party. There are also a few extra mechanisms which will help fill some of the perceived magic item deficit, without returning to the bland arms race that 3e has become.

Special Item Feats

I have designed some Item Enhancement feats that may be taken by any character.

Legendary Items.

We can use the legendary weapon system from Unearthed Arcana, and the ancestral weapon feats from Book of Exalted Deeds.

Leveled Treasures

The Leveled Treasures system by Steven Kenson published in Dragon 289 is also very promising.

Item Creation

Characters will have full access to item creation feats. However, this is a low gold campaign, as well as low magic. Creation costs are not lowered, and XP costs are not waived. Thus, items will have to be carefully considered to ensure they will justify the costs. The DM will also require that all prerequisites for item creation, including laboratory, forge, materials, craft skills etc. are met before any item can be made, and may additionally require special material components, or quests in order to complete the process.