Lowered Magic

This is still D&D

We wanted to preserve the classic core character classes of the game, and their relative strengths and weaknesses. In our view, for better or worse, class specialisation is a hallmark feature of the D&D game. Wizards are stil combat-weak wielders of great arcane power. Clerics still draw power from divine sources to further their deity's aims in the mundane world. We also wanted there to be magic items, both useful and powerful, but rare (and unique) enough to be truly treasured by those lucky enough to have them.

Game Impact of Lowered Magic

The reduced availability of magic has many ramifications in the game. Players may not assume routine availability of items, potions, scrolls, or even other spell casters. There will be a dearth of magical texts that wizards could expand their knowledge with. Magical schools, universities or other associations are unknown. On the divine side, churches are run by mostly by experts (albeit very devout ones), and the most likely "naturally occurring" occasional spell-casters will be adepts. These adepts, or minor actual clerics of their faith will be sought after, and will often travel from town to town performing "miracles" on behalf of the faithful as they go, visiting each diocese as "proof" of their deities power. Others will exist outside the establishment, perhaps as recluses or hermits, or as the elders of their communities, but unknown outside their self proclaimed sphere.

For you, there will be little use running to the temple for raise dead, remove disease or even cure light wounds my friends! If magical curing is to be had, you must cast it yourselves, or go in search for it. That is why you are adventurers.

Some Advantages

On the up side: castles will actually be useful bastions of defense. Towns and villages will look and feel mediaeval. People (including adventurers) will walk or ride through potentially dangerous areas to get where they are going (instead of teleporting, flying or wind walking). Diseases, floods, fires and invasions can occur without a lone wizard or cleric putting everything to rights or routing the entire opposing army! Pilgrims will journey from all around to a healer or shrine reputed to have divine powers.

This will be an intensely challenging game. Many monsters will be significantly harder to kill, or even to hit with less magic. Optimum strategy will be required for success. This includes the strategy of running away. However, remember that the game is for everyone to enjoy. It is by no means designed to kill your character, but to provide a challenging world to adventure in, with a flavour more reminiscent of Lord of the Rings than Dragonlance, or King Arthur rather than Elminster.


In order to heighten the atmosphere, (and partly as a DM out) we may introduce "Incantations" (from Unearthed Arcana) from time to time in the game. They will only become available as "found" ancient texts, or obscure folklore, and no known mechanism to create them exists.

New Magic Items

We have introduced a new prestige class, the Student of the Occult, who have the ability to create a new category of magic item: the Fetish . This item is intended to be a useful, but with a flavour suited to a low magic world.