Other House Rules

Action points

It is never fun when a character dies through sheer bad luck when doin the right thing. Even DMs don't want this to happen. Action points provide a mechanism to occasionally shift the odds in your favour.

At each level, the character gains a pool of action points equal to (level / 2) + 5. These can be used as needed, they are not kept over when you level up. They can be used for various game effects. Here are some examples:

* at 8th - 14th level, roll 2d6, from 15th - 20th, 3d6.


Languages will in general be resolved using the standard rules. However, understanding, or relating a difficult or unusual concept will carry a risk of misunderstanding. Normal conversation has a DC of 10 and characters can always "take 10" (note that low intelligence characters can still misunderstand things). An unusual situation, or a tricky concept might require a DC 15 speak language check.

Understanding a non-native tongue is even more dificult. the standard DC is 12, and more difficult concepts will require a DC 17 speak language check.

Only the character's regional language is considered "native" in these rules. Common for example, is considered a second language if common is not the character's regional language.


We have decided (in the interests of a more gritty feel) to reduce literacy in our game world. Only clerics, wizards, monks and bards are presumed to be literate. All other classes will have to "purchase" literacy in each language they speak* using skill points. See each class for more detail.

Literacy will not be an all or nothing deal either: to understand more complex texts, or dificult concepts, characters will need to make intelligence checks, or fail to understand, or even misread the documents.

*If the campaign has alphabets that are used for more than one language, then literacy will apply to all languages the character knows that share the same alphabet.

Death and Damage

In a low magic campaign, character damage, and even death is definitely more frightning, and perhaps more final.

Magic Items

The availability of magic items is substantially scaled back. So called "standard" magic items are not sold on the open market, and cash is so scarce that buying them would be very difficult anyway.

Keen and Improved Critical do stack

I have read the page, and it is good.

Modified Saves

The DM may at his discretion use different abilities for some saves. Some examples follow:

Reflex (Int): Quick thinking

Reflex (Cha): Stopping an angry, charging foe

Reflex (Str): Grabbing a falling friend

Reflex (Wis): Stopping yourself before you do something foolish

Will (Con): Ignoring physical distractions

Will (Int): Enduring something intellectually challenging

Will (Cha): Resisting something that attacks your own identity (like a dominate person effect)

Fort (Str): Resisting something attempting to knock you down or hold you in place

Fort (Int): Resisting something that is physically affecting your brain

The full text of this idea is from Monte Cook's site.


Poison has been widely accepted as pretty powerful at low levels, and ineffectual at high levels. Here are some rules to smooth out the bumps.

Turning Undead

Clerics and Paladins now use different rules for turning undead.

Vow of Poverty

Because of lower expected magic and wealth acquisition under these rules, the following adjustments have been made to the vow of poverty benefits:

Voluntary Poverty
Character LevelBenefit
1stAC bonus +3
2ndBonus exalted feat
3rdEndure elements
4thAC bonus +4, Bonus exalted feat
5thExalted strike +1 (magic), Sustenance
6thBonus exalted feat
7thAC bonus +5
8thResistance +1, Bonus exalted feat
9thDeflection +1, ability score +2
10thExalted strike +2 (good), Bonus exalted feat
11thAC bonus +6, mind shielding
12thDamage reduction 5/magic, Bonus exalted feat
13thNatural armour +1, ability score +4/+2
14thEnergy resistance 5, bonus exalted feat
15thExalted strike +3, AC bonus +7
16thFreedom of movement, bonus exalted feat
17thResistance +2, ability score +6/+4/+2
18thDeflection +2, Bonus exalted feat
19thDamage reduction 5/evil, AC bonus +8
20thEnergy resistance 10, exalted strike +4, bonus exalted feat