Lots of things are new around here. My server (on who's hard drive this text resides) is kind of new - a hard drive replacement was a good excuse to do a clean OS install. She (gemini) is now running on Mint 11 - an upgrade from the Ubuntu on top of earlier Debian with multiple custom bits she was running. We have a new TV, courtesy in part to a Bell-fibe sign up bonus of $200. The big disappointment is that they did not come today to install as promised. I got some excuse about local capacity, but I think they overbook for efficiencies sake - just like doctors and airlines. The two worst service experiences I have had in my life are Bell and Rogers, the two telecommunications giants in our area. By now, I am simply resigned to putting up with long telephone conversations getting them to actually do the things they promised.

We are a little way into this new tack. We are officially a one child family, having given up on the effort to have a second child. We are also setting our selves to rights financially and emotionally. I have finished my debt consolidation, Stephanie is part way through her student loan, and she is beginning a serious weight loss campaign.  I am working on my discipline - scheduling, calendaring, finishing things I start, that sort of thing.

Maddy is happy as ever, although it makes me both happy and sad to see her create her little role-playing games by herself. She sits in the car with her feet up on the back of my seat, and they talk to each other - her feet that is. Each one has a role, usually mummy and baby. Very cute. I am sad because of the brothers she might have had.

We are planning menus for a week at a time now. Time is precious, and without planning, we often end up eating out - or I end up spending all my free time after work cooking. We have a slow cooker, and Steph has both planned and shopped for the groceries. If this goes well, I shall be spending less time in the kitchen, we shall eat better, we shall both lose some weight, and we will save some money. I can't imagine a more satisfactory combination.

We did find time to watch "Once upon a time" and "Downton Abbey". American and British TV at their best.

I do feel that I am not getting some necessary chores done however. The taxes still loom, and the old van is still occupying the garage. I need to find a mechanic who is willing to take it on here at our home. I also need to spend a few hours each week on the taxes. I will schedule that into our calendar.

The Spellstorm thing seems to be coming along. We have a few volunteers willing to take on the necessary roles. We could certainly use more, but it is a start, albeit a late one.