I have owned Big Blue for just over 6 months, and driven just over 30,000 km. I have made one significant trip - driving from Hamilton to Orlando and back for a disney vacation, made my daily 65 km commute, and towed Marshmallow (an 11 year old Percheron Mare) 3 or 4 times in her gooseneck trailer. My daughter is a frequent rider in the back of the Quad cab, as well as a couple who sometimes ride-share with me on the work-commute.

Throw in sundry trips to the hardware store (4 x 8 ply, 12’ cedar planks etc), grocery shopping, taking the dogs to the park and you get the life of Big Blue.

I have not babied the truck - I haven’t really washed or waxed her since owning her, and I have made small “bondo” patches to the rear after scraping it a couple of times (and busting a taillight) due to my underestimating her size.

My average MPG is 25.56 Miles per US gallon (30.7 miles UK gallon), or 9.2 l/100 km overall. This includes all the driving types I mentioned, over a total of 30,302 km. My mileage has been tracked on