We are a small bunch of gamers located in the Great White North (actually south of many US cities) in the Toronto area, in Canada.

This web-site is a resource to manage our games and assist us in whatever ways possible in running games smoothly.

This site is undergoing near constant enhancement, so things may break, change, or even improve over time. Visit often!


In spite of the Internet Explorer V5-6 deficiency in complying with the HTML spec in that neither the <button> or the <input type=image> elements send their value attributes to the server properly when clicked, I have devised a succesful workaround.

Breaking our 'tradition' of not testing for Internet Explorer, we have done some preliminary tests, and fixed some incompatibilities, although we continue to strongly recommend the more secure and standards compliant SeaMonkey or Firefox browsers from the Mozilla project, or the fast and flexible Opera web browser.

This is a private site, containing references to copyright material the web-author and friends own. It is intended to make the use of those books easier. If you own the books referenced here, it is probably ok to use this information if it is useful to you. It is not intended to substitute for the books themselves, which are available from your neighbourhood hobby or games store, or from Wizards of the Coast.

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You will want Adobe Acrobat Reader to be able to print your character sheets, custom spell sheets and initiative cards. If you don't have it installed (and you probably already do), then click on the link below to get it. It's free.

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We welcome your feedback: if you have found an error, or a bug, or you want your favourite source included, contact us.

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