I can't say I recommend Koodo to anyone based on my experience. I signed up for an account for my wife, since we were with Public and they texted us an offer. We went to a Koodo kiosk in Hamilton and asked for the Essential phone. The process took 3 hours (not fun when you have a preteen tagging along) but we got it set up (or so we thought). I gave them my VISA information for the payment and for future billing, and we left to enjoy (what was left of) our day.

The phone is great, and the coverage is good (same as Public or Telus). My trouble started when nearly three months later (2 weeks ago) we noticed the bill wasn't being paid. I went on line and paid the balance in full. By the time I got home from work, my wife's phone had been cut off. So then started the saga. I called, and was told the information I provided didn't match what was on the file (birthdate etc). 

After almost 3 weeks of back and forth between the forum and a rep on facebook messenger, I discover that in fact Koodo have NO personal information on file about us, and so they have no way to recover my account. They have asked me to fill out an on-line form 4 times now (I have tried all the likely PIN numbers already). Nothing matches, and since they don't actually have birthdates, drivers license or SIN number we have no means of recovery. 

SO - what started out as a simple new phone account is now a pretty expensive mini-tablet with no phone service, and no way to cancel it or reconnect it. Two thumbs down to Koodo, and as yet not even a light at the end of the tunnel.